serialized-model-viewer-weka-package released

Something that ADAMS’ Preview Browser has had for years, I’ve now added to Weka as a standalone tab in the Explorer: displaying the content of serialized model files. It allows the user to load a serialized model file (or actually any Java serialized file) and display its content, simply using the objects’ toString() method.

You can find the Weka package here:

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nlp-weka-package released

Just released the first version of my new Weka package for natural language processing (NLP):

At the moment, it contains only some filters (ChangeCase, PartOfSpeechTagging) and tokenizers (WhiteSpaceTokenizer, PTBTokenizer). It uses the Stanford parser for the NLP heavy lifting.

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Google Code closes, moved projects to Github

Last week, Google announced to close Google Code, their platform for hosting open source projects.
I wasn’t particularly thrilled by that, since I have a number of projects hosted there. But, it was a free service, so you can’t expect them to continue throwing money at it, especially since more and more projects seem to move to Github. Hence I spent the whole day today, moving my remaining projects to Github as well:

For some of these Maven projects, I made new releases available, using the new groupId of com.github.fracpete. Check out the projects for more details.

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ssh into Virtualbox Linux guest

Just came across the How to SSH to a VirtualBox guest externally through a host? post on stackoverflow that explains how to use port forwarding in order to ssh into a linux machine running inside virtualbox. Unless you know that there is a port forwarding button hidden away beneath the Advanced network settings, you’d never find it…

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ADAMS 0.4.8 released

Hot off the press comes ADAMS 0.4.8. It is mainly a bugfix release, as there were a number of things broken in the last release:

Also noticed today that the download link on had been broken for the last release. Duh!

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Minor bug-fix release for Collective-classification

Petr came across a bug that affected the output of the predictions generated from the test set. It worked fine for cross-validation, but not for the Random split and Unlabled/Test set modes. I’ve committed a fix and made a new release available:

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IntelliJ IDEA vs Eclipse

I can’t remember for how long I have been an Eclipse user, but at least since the Callisto release some time in 2006. Back then I was deciding between NetBeans and Eclipse, with Eclipse winning, because it used less memory. Despite having used JBuilder in the past, I didn’t want to go back to using this platform.
Anyhow, in terms of IDE I felt a bit like a Windows user: being stuck with a piece of software that kind of does the trick but has these weird and unexplainable behaviors sometimes like:

And guess what, just like with Windows, rebooting usually fixes some of these problems. Worst bit, you simply accept it, because you are stuck with it.
Years ago, I tried IntelliJ IDEA, but it failed handling my multi-module Maven projects. Nothing left but to keep using Eclipse.

But then, two weeks ago, I made the switch to IntelliJ IDEA after all, after one of my students was able to work with the ADAMS code base without any problems. Took me a while getting things sorted out and configured, but after using it now for two weeks straight, it’s nice having not only a great editor that supports you writing code very efficiently, but also a solid and fast IDE! There are a few quirks, but none of them are dealbreakers!

So, to sum it up: I’m a happy IntelliJ IDEA user now! :-)

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Collective-classification: 2015.1.13 release

Just pushed out a new release of the collective-classification Weka package, incorporating feedback from the Weka mailing list.


The release is available from here:

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Collective-classification moved to github

I used to be a big fan of Google’s Code platform, which had pretty much everything that a small project needed:

But then, Google changed their terms of service, disabling the release mechanism – mainly due to abuse. The workaround was to use Google Drive instead, which neither offered nice links nor download statistics.

With Google Drive constantly changing their interface, I was fed up last night with people not being able to figure out where and how to download an archive, so I decided to migrate the project to github.
I came across Iain’s excellent post on how to do this. There was only one minor snag: for some reason, hg-fast-export seems to delete files at the end, so I had to do a git checkout to restore the tree again before the actual git commit. Never had such a painless repository migration, I’ll have to say!

OK, so the new location for the collective-classification project is now as follows:

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Collective-classification: 2015-01-09 release

Who would have thought? Looks like people are still using my old collective-classification project.
In order to make it a bit more useful in the Explorer, I made the following minor changes:

You can find the release here.

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